Do you Register as a Foreign Corporation in Virginia too?Use this checklist
  1. Determine who your registered agent will be and get their address.

    • A requirement for registering as a Foreign Corporation is that you have a physical address in Virginia where mail can be delivered. This can be an officer of the corporation's address, a lawyer's office or a registered agent. The address cannot be a PO Box.
    • Registered agents charge a yearly fee for performing this service for you. Fees for this service range from $99 to hundreds of dollars based on recent searching.
    • If you used a service to register your corporation in Delaware, that same service may also have registered agent locations in other states. Also, your lawyer may have recommendations.
  2. Acquire a certified or otherwise authenticated copy of your corporation's articles of incorporation.

    • Typically, you received a certified/authenticated copy of your articles of incorporation when you incorporated your company. Your lawyer may have them.
    • A new copy from the state of Delaware costs about $60. The form you need to get one is the Certification Memo.
  3. Collect information for the forms.

    • Names and title of officers and/or directors
    • Registered Agent's address and city or county it is physically located in
    • Contact telephone number for the state of Virginia
    • Date of incorporation and duration of incorporation (typically perpetual)
    • Number of shares authorized to be issued, and the class/series. Ask your lawyer if you don't know what that means.
  4. Download the Chart for Entrance Fees, which are based on the total amount of stock issued for your corporation.

  5. Use the number of stock issued for your corporation to calculate your entrance fee.

  6. Download form SCC759/921 - Application for a Certificate of Authority to Transact Business in Virginia

  7. Complete and print out the form SCC759/921.

  8. Write a check for the total amount due.

    This is your Entrance Fee calculated earlier, plus the Filing Fee (as of May 2012, the filing fee is $25)

  9. Make a copy of your documents and file them.

    I scan everything in as PDFs and save them in an electronic filing system.

  10. Mail the printed form, your check and the articles of incorporation to the address on the back of form SCC759/921